Choral Robes & Stoles

Choral Robes

Thomas traditional full-fluted choir robes and regular fluted robes for churh or school

Available in a wide variety of styles. Full-fluted surrounds the entire yoke. However, the regular fluted robe is stitched flat across the front, and has deep, free flowing pleats that gracefully drape on the front of the robe. These basic choir robes can be used alone or you can use our Robe-A-La-Carte tailoring plan to customize your own style of garment. View some of our more popular and unique styles displayed in our catalog and on our website. Fabrics, colors and embrodiery of your choice can dramatically change and enhance these robes. You'll find that we offer many traditional and modern styles from which to choose. Traditionaly these robes are tailored 8" from the floor or ankle length. Please specify length on the order form.

Our gathered robes offer value without compromising style. The robe fabric is machine gathered to the yoke with ample fullness. Choose from one of our basic styles 7726 which features a rounded yoke in the back and style 7801 which features a square yoke back. Add any of the Robe-A-La-Carte options shown for a customized garment. Seperate stole can be added to our economy choir robes style 3300G.