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Robe A-La-Carte options by Thomas Creative Apparel

Thomas Creative Apparel is the originator of the Robe-A-La-Carte option plan which allows you the flexibility of designing the style that best suits your appearance (as well as your budget). So go ahead, be creative and select one of our basic styles and add the options of your choice. Let our friendly service representatives assist you with any ideas you may have. We're always here to help. Call us toll free at 1-800-537-2575.

Style 8850
Style 8850
Style 7726
Style 7726
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  • A30 RAC - 3" Sleeve Trim
  • A36 RAC - 2-Toned Front Stoles
  • A35 RAC - 2 Solid Color Front Stoles
  • A19 RAC - 2 Rows of Trim on Yoke
  • A32 RAC - 1" Trim Set Up on Open Sleeves
  • A20 RAC - 1 Row of Trim on Yoke