Judicial Panels
Judicial Panels
Judicial Panels

Judicial Panels

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Panel pictures are in order of description below

Panel Option P1 - Triple ply self-front panel (basic panel). Robe style 4420J, 4851KC and 4413.

Panel Option P2 - 3" Seperate panel added to robe front just below yoke with cording outlining inside and outside edge. Robe style 4442 and 4442S.

Panel Option P3 - Seperate panel added to robe front continues around back of yoke and forms a "V" in back. Cord and button on back. Panel has three pressed in pleats. Robe style 4450J and 4436J.

Robe style 4801FL and 4801FR panels are a basic gathered robe.

Robes will be furnished with front panels as shown on robe. Please order the style robe that has the panels of interest. If you have any questions, please call 800-537-2575.

Traditional V neck furnished on all styles except 4450J.