Judicial Sleeves

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Sleeve options are in order of description below.

Sleeve Option S1 - Sleeve taper from fulness at shoulders to suit coat width at wrist, unlined. Robe style 4413

Sleeve Option S2 - Double bell sleeve, traditional bell outer sleeve with inner sleeve and elbow cuff. Robe style 4442, 4420J and 4436J

Sleeve Option S3 - Sleeve taper from fullness at shoulder to 14" opening at wrist, unlined. Robe style 4450J and 4442S

Sleeve Option S4 - Single bell sleeve are machine gathered onto a knit cuff. Robe style 4851KC Another option is the single bell sleeve with choir cuff.

Robes will be furnished with sleeve that comes on robe style unless other sleeve option is chosen. If you have any questions, please call 800-537-2575.