Judicial Custom Apparel

All judicial robes for sale include the following:

  • One convenient pocket and aperture to reach an inner pocket, be sure to specify left or right side. If not chosen, the default will be the right side.
  • A choice of a two-way zipper that can be conveniently unzipped from the bottom up once seated behind the bench, or a standard 30" separating zipper, be sure to specify zipper. If not chosen, the default will be the standard separating zipper. If desired, button closure is available for an additional $19.00.
  • Generous fullness tailored into every judicial robe along with the finest tested fabrics.
  • Free contour robe hanger included with every judicial robe for proper storage.
  • Free clear garment is no longer available until further notice.
  • The style 9123 garment bag can be purchased for $21.50 ( personalize the bag at a small additional charge).

NOTE: All judicial robes are custom tailored to the measurements you provide us with and are not subject to return. Please allow 9 - 12 weeks for delivery. "SHIPPING AND HANDLING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE"

The beginning price you see is the robe cost in the #66 fabric. To get the correct price per fabric, please go through and choose all the options for the robe you want to order. If you have any questions, please call 800-537-2575.

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