Garment Care

Care instructions will be included in garments. Tassels on stoles are not washable and should be removed before robe or stole is cleaned. Replacement tassels are available for $1.10 each. Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Prices listed for robes and stoles are based on quantity orders. Please add 10% to orders when ordering less than 4. Cording and other trim may vary from fabric shades.
The garments selected will give many years of pleasure and satisfaction. We have a few suggestions that will prolong the original beauty and freshness of these garments.

  1. The polyester fabric is washable. We recommend dry cleaning. Especially for robes made with fluting work. Refreshing the robes is infrequently required. Robes will look better longer if dry cleaned. We recommend a dry cleaning facility that uses Sani-tone products. It is further suggested that the cleaning solution be a cool temperature as fading will occur if the temperature is too hot.
  2. Dry cleaning is a neccessity for robes and other items made or trimmed in satin or velvet, or if tailored in red or maroon with white or light colored trim. For dry cleaning we recommend: 6 Minute Break Cycle, 2 Minute Clear rinse, Heavy Extract and Dry @ 150 degrees for 18-20 minutes.
  3. Robes tailored in polyester or cotton in gathered or back opening styles may be carefully washed using luke warm water, mild detergent and gentle machine cycle. They should be done as a group so they are all washed in the the same manner. If tumbled, remove before completely dry and place on a plastic hanger. A light touch-up with a warm iron may be needed.

Only first quality fabrics from leading mills are supplied. However, due to the instability of some dyes, we cannot guarantee all colors, velvet, cord or satin against fading or transference. Robes should be stored in a dry, dark area on hangers. Sunlight and gas fumes are an enemy to colors and can cause fading in the finest of fabrics.